Faye Sokolosky
fabrics and window treatments
Finishing touches for your living space.

Faye Sokolosky on her exclusive line of Adirondack fabrics.

I want to show my customers fabric appropriate for the style of their Adirondack living space. It is not possible to do so with the limited number of available commercial offerings. To fill the gap, we now have an exclusive line of fabrics. Custom colors and designs are available. Following are the patterns:

Pattern 001 - Black Bear.

Pattern 002 - Pine Forest.

Pattern 003 - Morning Catch.

Pattern 004 - First Snow.

Pattern 005 - Just an "Otter" Day.

Pattern 006 - Echo Bay.

Pattern 007 - Fawn Lake.

Pattern 008 - Busy Beavers.

Pattern 009 - Guide Boats.

Pattern 010 - Chocolate Moose.

Pattern 011 - Towpath.
Faye Sokolosky 
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