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Window treatments, fabric selection, and manufacturing recognized for fine workmanship.

The use of fabric can help you turn your home, camp, or cottage into a warm, welcoming place to be. Textiles are a valuable tool in creating a restful and inviting atmosphere.

We've successfully applied fabric to solve the following design challenges:

  • Protecting fine furniture, rugs, and accessories from sun damage.
  • Improving the room’s acoustics.
  • Meeting room darkening needs.
  • Meeting privacy needs.
  • Meeting insulation concerns.
  • Styling to give rooms the look and feel its owners desire. 
We offer an extraordinarily large range of fabrics and window treatments as well as a line of blinds and shades to meet these needs.

We also apply our fabric working skills to other interior design requirements such as pillows and dust ruffles.

We invite you to contact us for a consultation.
Faye Sokolosky 
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